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Mesmerizing waves riot into the parking lot, drawing the viewer out into the sublime sea. The arches provide a comforting shelter from the vastness on the horizon. Their ruined state invite the imagination to contemplate what was, what could have been, and what is. Trees on either side facilitate a transition between the ancient, man made structure and the reclaiming elements of nature. They merge with the purpose of the pillars, possessing the ambition to hold up the sky. Although the cathedral walls are no more,the grandness behind the arches now is so much greater than what could have been before.

The History of the "Flood" Mural

For a long time the Anchor Fellowship Church had wanted a mural on the wall bordering their parking area to improve the appearance of the space. I began attending the Anchor in 2007 after moving to Nashville as an intern with Murals and More, LLC. Having completed numerous murals in Jamestown, NY and acquiring new skills in Tennessee, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to paint another large project. The design I created was approved by the church and the business that owns the wall (Shuler Business Systems, Inc). In 2008 the small group I attended at the Anchor led by Ryan Davis, made it their service project to raise money for supplies and paint the mural. As a group we held a garage sale fundraiser, prepared the wall, and blocked in the large spaces of color. Ryan was even able to get a lift donated for a period time, which was a huge help.

The more detailed areas of the mural were done by Stacey Taylor and I. Stacey is a much appreciated partner and friend. It is a blessing to have her there matching my enthusiasm for the work. She brought with her patience and skill for painting the Corinthian capitals, the statues of Jesus and Saint Peter, and the rock outcroppings behind the waves. It was understood from the conception of this project that sparse funding was available, but I have always been passionate about what it can become. This combination has made for a very long production time, much longer than any of my other endeavors. I do support myself financially with art so I have had to accept paid commissions and returned to work on this mural when I am able. The "Flood" has continued to be a priceless experience for me. It represents a place where I am free to travel to the end of what I'm capable of and stretch it. The days I spend working on the mural are often physically exhausting, but I drive home with a euphoric sense of fulfillment. I am deeply thankful to the Anchor Fellowship Church and Shuler Business Systems, Inc for allowing me this time.

- Erica Swenson

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